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BC's Commercial Real Estate Hits Records!!!

(February 28, 2011)

Commercial real estate investment in BC reached records highs of nearly $2 billion in 2010!
Commercial real estate investment volume was $1.946 billion last year with 99 sales transactions completed. No single transaction skewed dollar volumes as in 2009.

I have noticed a lot of buyers around ranging from private people, pension funds, life companies and real estate investment trusts. It comes down... read more.

Gains in Metro Vancouver housing outpaced TSX since 2000

(February 09, 2011)

Metro Vancouver real estate has proved to be a solid investment over the last decade despite the market's recent ups and downs, according to a new report. However, analysts warned that those returns will be hard to match in the coming 10 years. A Metro Vancouver home earned its owner a compounded-annual return of 7.8 per cent between the start of 2000, when it was worth $296,000, and the end of 20... read more.

Greater Vancouver real estate prices surged 7.8 per cent a year for more than a decade

(February 09, 2011)

VANCOUVER - It’s been a seller’s market in Greater Vancouver for 55 per cent of the last eleven years.Buyer’s market prevailed only 13 per cent of the time, while the remainder was balanced.
Values rose from $295,978 in 2000 to $675,853 in 2010 — for a compounded rate of return of 7.8 per cent each year, while Canada earned a 6.8 per cent return over the same duration. Average price increases from... read more.

Seller's Market Around The Corner!

(February 02, 2011)

VANCOUVER -- Metro Vancouver's housing market remained in balanced market conditions in January, although there were signs of a sellers' market returning with higher levels of demand in larger communities.
“There was a healthy balance between the number of home buyers and sellers in our market in January, but there’s always variation in activity from region to region,” Jake Moldowan, president of t... read more.